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Gary Lee’s Market – Brunswick, GA

This post is brought to you courtesy of a comment I recently received on the review of Southern Soul Barbecue.  Nichole said that if I liked Southern Soul (which I do), I should really give Gary Lee’s Market a try.  Interestingly, on my last trip to Jesup, driving up from Jacksonville, I got off at […]

Splendid Shabu – Pooler, GA

About two months ago, our daughter was telling us about this wonderful new place that had opened around the corner from them that was like Asian fondue.  When we were visiting today, and arrived just before lunch, she suggested that we try Splendid Shabu.  We entered a restaurant that was about half filled with tables […]

Wiley’s Championship Barbecue – Savannah, GA

When the Trip Advisor article proclaiming Georgia the new barbecue capital came out earlier this year, there were three places listed in the state that I had never heard of.  I made note of all three, and knocked one off the list the last time we were in the north Georgia mountains.  I saw that […]

Twin Oaks Drive-In – Brunswick, GA

The last time that I was in Brunswick, I mentioned looking for barbecue for dinner to the person that I was meeting with that afternoon.   He said that the best barbecue in town was at Twin Oaks, but when I Googled them, they are only open from 6:00 – 3:00, Monday – Saturday.  Needless to […]

Malson’s Original World Famous Bar-B-Q – Kingsland, GA

Heading south from Brunswick back to the Jacksonville airport down I-95, we were looking for a spot for dinner.  I’d originally Googled and found a place called Willi Jewels Old School Barbecue in Kingsland, and we were heading in that direction.  As we headed east on State 40 my co-pilot said, “there’s a barbecue place […]

Rusty Pig Barbecue – Glenn, GA

On the journey to south Georgia that brought us to the fabulous sign in my header (at the Dairy Ranch in Jesup), my original plan was to eat at the Rusty Pig in  Glennville.  I won’t recant the challenge here, but as you can read in that review, we couldn’t find it.  As we were […]

Barbara Jean’s – St Simons Island, GA

We’ve been traveling to St. Simons Island since the mid 90s. My boss had a place on the island for several years back when we were young marrieds with young kids and he would let us stay there during the summer. Back then, Barbara Jean’s always seemed like such an upscale place, down in the […]