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Big Daddy’s Ribs & BBQ – Little Elm, TX

Heading down I-35 from southern Oklahoma, by the time we hit the Texas line I was hungry.  With no real food plans until dinner in Dallas, I was confronted with the age old question – “what do you want to eat?”  I’d like to take this chance to proclaim the love for my beloved (who […]

The Big Texan – Amarillo, TX

If you’ve driven through any parts of the American West, on or near I-40, you’ve likely seen the signs for the Big Texan Steak Ranch.  And their 72 ounce steak challenge – eat the shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, with roll, butter, and of course the 72 oz. steak, in one hour, and it is […]

The Pantry – Santa Fe, NM

As we were leaving Albuquerque and heading towards Santa Fe on day two of the road trip, we knew we needed breakfast.  We planned to grab something quick and get on our way and were looking for someplace to drive through, when the Pantry appeared on the right. Being a sucker for a cinderblock building, […]

Santa Fe Bite – Santa Fe, NM

So, the genesis for this blog was my first blog “In Search of the Perfect Burger”, which all began with a meal at Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage.  While eating there with our girls (roughly on August 5, 2008), I saw a map by the door, from the book Hamburger America.  As soon as we got […]

El Pinto – Albuquerque, NM

For our first meal on this road trip, before leaving, I googled for the best New Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque.  One name was at or near the top of several lists and I confirmed it with the visitor center guy / gal at the airport – El Pinto Restaurant.  Located in the North Valley, we […]

Abacus – Dallas, TX

In town for a meeting, when we were looking at dinner choices, I was reminded that Kent Rathbun (brother of Atlanta restauranteur Kevin Rathbun – of Rathbun’s, Rathbun Steak, KR Steakbar and Krog Bar) was Dallas-based.  In fact, we had just seen the two of them on a Chopped re-run on Sunday afternoon.  I Googled […]

KD’s Bar-B-Q – Midland, TX

I end up with an overnight in Midland / Odessa once or twice a year for work, which gives me a chance to catch up with a couple of friends that live there (to protect the innocent, I’ll refer to them as Altitude Boy and Pookie).  This evening, when I asked where they wanted to […]

The Permian Basin Hamburger Company – Odessa, TX

For years, as I’ve been traveling back and forth to Odessa for business, I’ve seen the Permian Basin Hamburger Company.  I’ve even tried to eat there on a couple of occasions.   But until today, the stars had not so aligned themselves as to allow it. The menu, on the outside wall, appeared straight-forward,so I went […]

Stackhouse – Dallas, TX

I was heading to Dallas for some meetings and, knowing my penchant for burgers, the folks in our office arranged our outside meetings around being in the neighborhood of Stackhouse around noon.  We were coming from the north side of the city and arrived shortly after the other folks and found them waiting on the […]

Diablo Burger – Flagstaff, AZ

On the way to our great American adventure hike, as we drove north from the Phoenix airport we needed some lunch.  Checking the Hamburger America app, I saw a green pin in Flagstaff and we headed toward that address.  We parked downtown and went to wandering, looking for Diablo Burger. We walked by the place […]