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KD’s Bar-B-Q – Midland, TX

I end up with an overnight in Midland / Odessa once or twice a year for work, which gives me a chance to catch up with a couple of friends that live there (to protect the innocent, I’ll refer to them as Altitude Boy and Pookie).  This evening, when I asked where they wanted to […]

The Permian Basin Hamburger Company – Odessa, TX

For years, as I’ve been traveling back and forth to Odessa for business, I’ve seen the Permian Basin Hamburger Company.  I’ve even tried to eat there on a couple of occasions.   But until today, the stars had not so aligned themselves as to allow it. The menu, on the outside wall, appeared straight-forward,so I went […]

Stackhouse – Dallas, TX

I was heading to Dallas for some meetings and, knowing my penchant for burgers, the folks in our office arranged our outside meetings around being in the neighborhood of Stackhouse around noon.  We were coming from the north side of the city and arrived shortly after the other folks and found them waiting on the […]

Pollos Asados Rio Grande – Odessa, TX

As I was waiting outside Watts Burgers, I noticed the constant flow of traffic at Pollos Asados Rio Grande.  Roughly twenty cars in twenty minutes.  And since a) my burger was nothing to write home about (or to both of y’all about), b) I had two hours plus before my flight back through Dallas and […]

Watts Burgers – Odessa, TX

As I was leaving Odessa one Monday, I passed by the Permian Basin Hamburger Company (on Main Street since 1978) and whipped the car around to try it out.  Sadly, they closed at 3:00 and it was close to 4:00.  Dejected, I headed back toward I-20 and the Midland International Airport.  It was then that […]

Pappy’s Bar-B-Q – Monahan’s, TX

When I had a few hours to kill in suburban Midland-Odessa, TX, my thoughts immediately turned to “what’s for lunch?”  Several months back, I discovered the Texas Monthly BBQ app so I consulted the Oracle for food choices, in terms of distance from MAF.  The app is fairly straight forward and I looked for the […]

Square Burger – McKinney, TX

On a recent visit to the land of burgers, I asked the fellow I was visiting with if there was a good burger close by.  He thought for a minute and said, “there’s Square Burger downtown?” I was sold, so when lunch time rolled around we drove to the square in downtown McKinney.  We found […]

Keller’s Hamburgers – Dallas, TX

Keller’s was the last stop on my DFW burger tour at the end of September.  When I read about them in Hamburger America, I’ll have to say they were high on my list of prospects, just based on the restaurant itself.  When I pulled up, my expectations were matched – this place was a true […]

Maple & Motor – Dallas, TX

When I knew I was heading to Dallas in late September, I called my friend (and professional photographer) Chris Moseley, and asked him where HIS favorite burger was.  He did what any reasonable person would do – created a Facebook poll.  The consensus was that we should meet and eat at Maple & Motor.  So […]

Kincaid’s Grocery & Market – Fort Worth, TX

Texas burgers are different. While the basic burger at most of the places I visit are based on a sixth-, fifth- or quarter-pound burger, often served as a double, the foundational Texas burger is a half-pounder.  I’ll have to admit, I’m fond of the idea.  Kincaid’s opened in the mid-forties as a grocer with a […]