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Folk Art – Atlanta, GA

I understand not taking reservations. – sometimes people don’t show up and you end up with empty tables.  It’s purely a restaurant’s prerogative.  But, if you don’t take reservations, at least be accurate in your estimated wait times.  Don’t make me wait two to three times as long (45 minutes) as you tell me (15 […]

Chat and Choo – Villa Rica, GA

Today’s adventure takes us to the Chat and Choo (See what they did there? Choo versus Chew? It’s across the street from the railroad tracks), downtown in the City of Riches. In case you didn’t know, Villa Rica was the home of Georgia’s first gold rush, in 1826. As we parked and were crossing US […]

Olympic Flame – Atlanta, GA

I’m going to guess that fifty or more times, in the past six years, I’ve driven by the Olympic Flame.  And on nearly every one of those occasions, it has been closed.  But I had been intrigued by the sign – “You need to eat.  We need the money.”  Then a month or so ago, […]

Thumbs Up Diner – Douglasville, GA

We’ve eaten at Thumbs Up Diner several times over the last half-dozen years, at several of their locations.  We celebrated a homecoming from three months studying abroad with one of our daughters at the one on Edgewood.  I’ve had business breakfasts at the same spot.  And one of the most memorable was at the Marietta […]

Ink & Elm – Decatur, GA – CLOSED

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED. Ink & Elm is getting quite a lot of press of late – including the feature dining review in the “Best of” issue of Atlanta magazine and breaking into the “heat map” last month.  We originally planned to go to Decatur on Saturday, with Sobban as our goal.  But when […]

Corner Cafe – Atlanta, GA

The venue for today’s lunch was determined when I remembered I had a remaining balance on a Buckhead Life gift card and we were heading toward Lenox.  That narrowed the choice to either Corner Cafe / Buckhead Bread Company or the Buckhead Diner.  As I didn’t recall ever having eaten at the former, the dye […]

Ten Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

Capping off a weekend of dining in re-purposed restaurants (after a disappointing lunch at S’more BBQ), we ended up at Ten Atlanta for brunch on Sunday, in the former Five Napkin Burger space.  Here’s the question that I’m sure is on your mind, if you’ve looked at the link to the restaurant:  How did we […]