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Over Easy – Birmingham, AL

As the road trip winds to a close, we were looking for breakfast.   I considered a smokehouse that we could see from our hotel room, but googled instead for the best breakfast in Birmingham and found Over Easy was both well rated and close by.  We pulled up to a packed restaurant, in the […]

Big Bad Breakfast – Oxford, MS

“Lard have mercy”.  That’s what it said on the t shirt that I was impulse buying at Big Bad Breakfast, because I found it so punny  (apparently so did Dolly Parton’s manager, as the lady who checked us out told her that he had come in, with Dolly in tow, to purchase one for her).  […]

The Pantry – Santa Fe, NM

As we were leaving Albuquerque and heading towards Santa Fe on day two of the road trip, we knew we needed breakfast.  We planned to grab something quick and get on our way and were looking for someplace to drive through, when the Pantry appeared on the right. Being a sucker for a cinderblock building, […]

Stone Soup Kitchen – Atlanta, GA

Another place from the original “list” (from August of 2006) gets a check mark in the box next to it, with a visit to Stone Soup Kitchen.  Located off Boulevard, near 20, it’s not a “drive-by” opportunity on most occasions.  Coupling that with my fear that, like every other breakfast place near there (Ria’s Bluebird […]

The Local – Marietta, GA

Today’s adventure began with errand running in Kennesaw, which led to being in the Marietta area for lunch.  I remembered that I had seen a place on the complete opposite corner of the Square from the Butcher and the Baker that served “Breakfast and Lunch”, that I wanted to try, but I couldn’t remember the […]

H Harper Station – Atlanta, GA

Housed in the old Atlanta and West Point railroad station, I have seen H Harper Station several times as we headed off the Glenwood Avenue exit toward Memorial over the last couple of years.   And I remember having read about them in several different magazines over the last year, being particularly intrigued by their Kentucky […]

Sun In My Belly – Decatur, GA

Looking for a dinner choice for Friday night, it really boiled down to the confluence of the answers to two questions: 1) What sounds good?; and 2) Where can we get a reservation?  When I saw Sun In My Belly appear as a choice on OpenTable, I clicked on the first time slot that we […]