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Bread & Butterfly – Atlanta, GA

I had been intending on trying Bread & Butterfly for quite a while – ever since they popped onto my radar with Atlanta magazine’s best restaurants of 2016 early last year, in fact.  A European-style bistro and cafe, it is from chef Billy Allin (of Cakes & Ale), and located in the fairly new Inman […]

Richard’s Southern Fried – Atlanta, GA

Recently, someone mentioned a “hot chicken” place had opened in Krog Street Market and I was on it like, well, hot sauce on chicken.  I couldn’t work out the right time to get to Richard’s Southern Fried, which is from chef Todd Richards (executive chef at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails), for a while, but […]

 Elder Tree Public House – Atlanta, GA

Somewhere along the way, either someone told me or I read somewhere how good the hamburgers were at Elder Tree Public House and I put it on the list.  For the life of me, I can’t remember who told me or where I saw it… When we went to the Earl a couple of months […]

Ticonderoga Club – Atlanta, GA

Our first attempt at dinner at the Ticonderoga Club was the weekend of the Inman Park Festival.  But when we arrived, Krog Street Market had “sold” all their parking places to the festival.  And they wanted $20 to allow us to park there (although KSM merchants could validate your parking and you could get $10 […]

The Earl – Atlanta, GA

On this Saturday, heading across the city, I was craving a burger.  We had not been to the Earl, in close to ten years,.  In fact, we had not been since the WSJ article that proclaimed the glory of Atlanta burgers, crowning the Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar the best in the country.  Our […]

Gu’s Dumplings – Atlanta, GA

Quite a while back (two years, apparently, as I looked for the link), we had a great dinner at Gu’s Bistro and I recommended it to several folks.   Then I heard they closed.  Then, several months later, I read that they were opening a dumpling stall in Krog Street Market.   As I said, […]

Craft Izakaya – Atlanta, GA

On a beautiful Saturday evening, as we were heading back toward home, I tossed out a couple of options for dinner of places that I wanted to try.  The answer was “whichever one is open now”.  At a little before five, from the three choices I gave, the intersection was zero.  But Craft Izakaya did […]