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Stella’s Hamburgers – Bellevue, NE

As I was heading back home on a business trip out of Omaha, I realized that I had just enough time before I had to be at the airport to make one burger stop.  I had checked Hamburger America and all of my lists on Sunday night and the only place that was a possibility […]

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers – Wichita, KS

While having a world of fun at “the bluegrass” (Walnut Valley Festival), we were talking with some friends about our plans for returning home and they asked if I had burger-stop planned before flying from Wichita.  I told them we had tried Jack’s North High, Nuway and Bionic Burger on a previous trip. Altitude Boy […]

Bonnie’s Place – Lansing, MI

Bonnie’s Place is a bar (there’s really no other description for it) in Lansing, MI, just off the campus of Michigan State.  I was in Detroit on business and realized that if I left the office by 5:00 pm, I could make it to Elderly Instruments, over in Lansing, for an hour or so before […]

Ginopolis’ Bar-B-Q – Farmington Hills, MI

So, here it is a cool December day and I’m driving into our Detroit office for an afternoon meeting and I see this sign: “World’s Greatest Ribs”?  Challenge accepted!  I know when I think of the centers of the rib universe, Michigan jumps right to the top of the list….. So, I get inside and […]

Bionic Burger – Wichita, KS

The fourth and final stop on the Kansas burger tour – Bionic Burger.  After the disappointment at Nuway, I was still hungry and we had plenty of time to kill before our flight.  So I hit the Hamburger America app on my phone and looked at burger joints added by fans.  Bionic Burger was there. […]

Nuway Crumbly Burgers – Wichita, KS

Stop number three on the Kansas burger tour – heading back from Winfield home – we drove back to Wichita to fly home. Nuway Cafe  was the second of our pre-determined stop.  I read about the crumbly burgers in the “burger bible” and was intrigued.  Back in the 1930s, the founder left Iowa with a […]

Fair Food – Winfield, KS

So, when I go to the Walnut Valley Festival (they call it “the Bluegrass”, we call it “Winfield”), there are generally abundances of three things: music, friends and food.  Most of the time we eat in camp, but occasionally we go out, (like the jaunt to the Burger Station), but the other choice is food […]

The Burger Station – Winfield, KS

Once we got to the the Walnut Valley Festival, I was moderately consigned to the fact that the best food we’d have outside camp was the fair food on the midway.  So while chatting with some friends at their campsite (about my preternatural fascination with cheeseburgers, among other things), one of the locals said, “Have […]

Jack’s North Hi Carryout – Wichita, KS

Last week, the answer to almost every question was, “I can’t. I’m going to Winfield.”  One of few the questions with a different answer was, “would you like a cheeseburger?”  “Yes, almost always.” Starting our pilgrimage to the Walnut Valley Festival, we flew into Wichita.  Consulting the oracle at Hamburger America before we left, I […]

Krazy Jim’s Blimpie Burger – Ann Arbor, MI

After Motz’s, I don’t know that I could have a BETTER burger, but I still had two hours before I flew home, so I definitely could have a DIFFERENT burger. Combining a map, where I was, and the Hamburger America app, I realized that I could make it to Ann Arbor in time for a […]